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Tuesdays with Tucker (the Westie)…Decorating for Fall

Well, we finally got some pumpkins!! I kept telling mom that the month was just flying by, and we really needed to get our porch looking festive and fallish! She totally agreed so we grabbed a few big and little pumpkins one day and got busy decorating the front porch.

We added a little glitter fashion to one and plan on decorating a few more.  I was getting rather tired after that first one.  Let me tell you, I had black glitter allover my white coat….yep, wasn’t happy about that! Well, I suppose I looked rather cute if I say so myself…sparkling and all!

I love the little pumpkins…aren’t they CUTE?!!  I thought we should add a few polka dots to some of the pumpkins.  What do you think?  Leave them as they are or decorate a few more??

And, my favorite tree is looking like this now!  Isn’t it BEA~U~TI~FUL??!!!  Look at all the acorns hanging from it!  I love this tree!  It is so pretty in the spring and summer, and then, it takes its time turning all these beautiful colors once fall sets in.  Makes me smile!!

Here I am…wishing you all a happy fall!!  I figured you probably were hoping you would catch a glimpse of ME before I signed off, and I’m most happy to oblige!!  Oh, in the next post we’ll be sharing the link for the new bar necklace my mom recently added.  You may remember seeing the sneak peek a few posts back.  You’ll get tons of compliments when you wear this new jewel!  Promise!!

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