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Let Your Light Shine ~ Sharing “Kaylee Joy”

As I prepared everything so I could transfer to my new phone the other night, the most important thing to me was making sure I didn’t lose any of my sweet Kaylee Girl’s texts. Everything looked as though they should all transfer fine, but I wasn’t taking any chances so I found a great app to buy for my computer. So, I have a copy of them on it…and, on 2 external hard drives…and, my other computer. You get the picture ~ these words are more special to me than I can truly express. These words…her words…hold so much love, understanding, compassion, giggles, encouragement, grace, and “just between us” conversations that bless my heart allover again each time I reread them. And, yes, I reread them…a lot! 🙂 One of the most special text messages from her holds the words “JOY, heart, love, and LIGHT” in it, and yes, I’ll probably share it one day because it is so very special to me. It amazed me the first time I came across that message again…think it’s from 2014…and, realized those words were in it from her. Her words…her heart…describing how she feels about me. And, then, to think about what I came up with to put on her bracelet! Wow…yep, that’s our soul connection!! She and God helped me create those bracelets ~ “Kaylee Joy” ~, and it just makes my heart smile allover again every time I think back to that precious text from her.

kayleejoy-kaylee-cooper-westie-sweetestloveToday I have had to be on the phone with Verizon trying to get help with some issues with my new phone…yes, my NEW phone! 🙁 The first lady that was helping said to turn it off, and she would call back to help me further. Well, even though my phone was in my hand or right in front of me, it didn’t ring. Then, I see a message saying I have a voicemail…yes, from her! Ugh!! She says she tried to call me back three times, but I didn’t answer so I can just call back to tech support. Ugh again! 🙁 This time I get a sweet lady that promises me she will keep calling me back even if my phone doesn’t ring for me, and she has to call me 10 times…she keeps assuring me she will call me back and keeps saying “HAVE FAITH”. 🙂 So she finally calls me back after I had to take the SIM card out and wait. I couldn’t quite understand what she had said her name was so I thought to ask her so I could write it down, as I like to always do this when dealing with customer service. She said “Luz” and spelled it for me. Then, she said, “Would you like to know what it means in Spanish?” “Oh, yes!”, I said…because I love to hear the meanings of names and hear about symbolism and such. Luz means LIGHT!!! 🙂 Oh, my goodness!!!! For “realz”!!!! 🙂 Have mercy!! So I begin to share with her about Kaylee and “Kaylee Joy” and tell her about her bracelets…and tell her that while I was waiting for her to call back I was creating a special pic to share. I told her the words I included on this pic, and she couldn’t believe it all. She said I was making her cry! 🙂 So, I told her the most amazing thing is to give “Kaylee Joy” and also receive it at the same time, and that we had just done this!! 🙂 She was so touched and told me she always makes sure to SMILE every day…even at people that may not want to receive it. Well, you know me, so you can imagine how I told her how much I agree with this and how important I feel it is that we LET OUR LIGHT SHINE!! 🙂 And, the best part is that I told her Kaylee chose her today to be her messenger to get a “Hello, Auntie ~ I love you and am with you!” message to me!! She loved that! And, yes, I so believe…and, I have witnessed and experienced it so many times…that Kaylee often chooses someone that I would not expect to be the carrier of a message from her to me! 🙂 I told you her “Kaylee Joy” is so fabulously amazing…yet again, this sweet chick has added the biggest dose of love and JOY to my day! 🙂 Hope YOU have a blessed day, sweet friends! 🙂 *And, with her ANGELversary being at 11 months, I can assure you her message comes right on time for my broken heart that misses her so!

Let YOUR Light Shine ~ you don’t ever know who’s heart may need to be touched by it today! 🙂


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